Get a better conference experience

Get the most out of a conference
May 7, 2014
How to prepare for a conference
May 9, 2014

Would you like those attending conferences to get the most out of this learning experience? Follow these useful tips on how you can ensure a more positive environment for the participants of conferences.

1.Communication is key

To avoid endless questions from attendees and to guarantee an effective conference, you should communicate as much information beforehand as possible.

  • First things first – The logistics of the event – when, where, and how – should always be given first, as this is the most important information that attendees will need.
  • Contacting organisers – Make sure that people attending the conference have easy access to the organisers for any questions and complaints, especially during the event.

2. Training staff

Conferences aren’t easy to organise. Therefore, getting people to volunteer as coordinators will go a long way in ensuring that the conference runs smoothly.
Make sure to train them well so that their skills and roles will be effective.

3. The content should suit the audience

Conferences are afterall for the attendees and should supplement their interests and preferences. They will not hesitate to complain if a talk was boring or did not provide them with information that they found worthy.

4. Schedules should be up-to-date and complete

There are usually many schedule options available – one on the website, or printed versions available at registration. Attendees should be made aware of the most important events, times and dates posted on a bulletin board where they will mostly gather. This will also then help to let attendees know when a time or venue changes.

5. Hell hath no fury like a Wi-Fi user scorned

Although most conferences struggle with a good Wi-Fi signal, especially with hundreds of people connected to it, you must always try your best to provide functioning internet to the attendees of the conference.

Always prepare for the worst, and make sure to have printed documents or bulletin board schedules available if a Wi-Fi problem does occur.

Remember: the idea is to create a positive, educational environment where professionals can mingle and connect with one another to learn something new and have some work-related fun!