Tips for success through team building

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May 4, 2014
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May 6, 2014

Yes, we know most people’s reactions when they hear the term “team building”. Boring and useless, right? However, building team skills is actually one of the most important things that colleagues can do together to ensure success at work.

1. It establishes trust

Trust is the foundation of any and all relationships, and this also counts for colleagues at work. Trust will lead to a higher level of confidence in oneself and one another, and it will minimise unnecessary conflict and second-guessing.

2. It improves productivity and motivation

By making team building fun and creative, colleagues’ morale at work will be boosted and their attitudes will improve dramatically. This will in turn increase their work productivity and motivate them to work harder and more innovative.

3. It improves communication

The whole point of team building is to connect with your co-workers and to form a bond. This improves interpersonal relationships, and will therefore improve work relationships and colleagues’ abilities to work effectively with one another.

4. It creates a united front

There is no “I” in team, and colleagues that can work together, create a much more effective flow of ideas and creativity. Learning to work together means also learning and providing support to ensure effective productivity.

5. It will ensure problem-solving skills

By working together, colleagues will be able to solve any obstacles thrown their way in a quick and functional fashion.

Building a team is therefore one of the most important activities that any workplace should adopt. To avoid the usual bored reactions, make sure to keep the activities fun and exciting, and related to things that the co-workers will enjoy.